Introducing MuniSight ES

MuniSight ES is an Enterprise solution approach to GIS, created with the Municipal government user in mind. Built upon Intergraph’s WebMap Professional spatial data engine, MuniSight ES harnesses the power of spatial data technology that is used worldwide by all levels of government and other organizations requiring mission-critical, location-based information data management.


MuniSight is more than just GIS. It is an Enterprise Solution philosophy based upon integrating various sources of municipal data, from within the municipality as well as 3rd party sources, into a single window/ central repository of spatially-enabled data.

All your municipality’s departmental data is combined with data from 3rd party agencies to form an integrated/ consolidated set of GIS-ready data. This data set is then used by MuniSight-created applications and/ or shared back to other systems via direct integrations, web services, and/ or data export routines.

All our solutions focus on the experience of the municipal user, sheltering them from the technical complexities of GIS while still providing robust application features and functionality. We strive to make our solutions extremely user-friendly so that municipal staff can access vast amounts of municipal GIS data without having to have extensive training/ knowledge in GIS.

Our experience in Municipal GIS is reflected in every solution sold. We have the tools, methods, processes, and experience to help you meet and exceed your municipal GIS goals.