Our Values

Our values describe the expectations we have from our team members when conducting our business not only externally with our client-partners but with each other within our organization:

Service Excellence

We are defined by our exceptional customer service. Our thorough understanding of the municipal environment allows us to respond to and often anticipate the needs of our client partners. This proactive approach is evident in every interaction we have with our partners and created a memorable user experience.


We aspire for all our business relationships to be long term partnerships built on trust. We understand that our success depends on your success.


We hold ourselves accountable for being professional in everything we do. Integrity is the foundation upon which our service excellence, team and partnerships are built.


By having a culture of trust and mutual respect, we inspire people to meet and exceed their potential. As an organization, we recognize that respect needs to be earned and we do our utmost to earn it from all of our partners.


By listening actively, asking tough questions and readily sharing information, we create an environment where the spark of innovation can ignite. Our peers and client-partners inspire us to innovate and challenge us to continually improve our solution offering.


Investing in a team-centric work environment has resulted in a unique synergy where our whole is much more than a sum of our parts. Our investment in coaching and professional development empowers us to leverage our individual roles and natural strengths to contribute to team success.

These values become the “spirit” of MuniSight and they are the foundation for everything we do.