What Sets Us Apart

When it comes to Municipal GIS, there are numerous intricacies that make municipal GIS unique to other forms of GIS. Choosing a firm that understands municipal government and its unique intricacies and challenges is important. MuniSight works exclusively in the municipal government sector and therefore is familiar with and understands what is important to municipal government.

Municipalities are more frequently applying GIS to a variety of common operations that require detailed and up-to-date land information such as parcel maps, transportation data, municipal services and utilities, hydrography, aerial photography, emergency services, agricultural services, oil/gas well and pipeline data, etc.

Our extensive experience with a variety of municipal government data allows our GIS department to focus exclusively on municipal government GIS. In fact, we have created many tools and applications designed specifically for municipal government use.

Our capability in working within the Municipal Government industry is demonstrated through several unique characteristics:

  • Phased Approach – We promote a systematic, phased approach to GIS implementation. This phased approach means: 1) Municipal staff have time to learn new technology, and 2) Municipalities can work within budgetary constraints.

    GIS is an evolution of data and is never fully complete. Implementing in phases allows municipalities to meet their near-term GIS goals while planning for the future.

  • Solution Flexibility – Our Enterprise Solution is extremely modular and can be implemented in many configurations. Once the solution is implemented, adding new components or changing the configuration of components can be done efficiently.

    Our Enterprise Solution can accommodate a variety of data formats, projections and datums. This means the User Role (performing the data creation/maintenance) can use many of the existing GIS, CAD, and database tools they may already be familiar with.

  • Understanding Municipal Data – Our roots and continued success in the assessment industry have given us an in-depth understanding of municipal data. This experience combined with our focus on serving only municipalities means there are few, if any, other GIS providers with our understanding of rural and small-medium urban municipalities.
  • Integrated Solutions – Our goal is to create integrated solutions that eliminate manual or semi-automated processes for managing municipal data. We work in collaboration with industry-leading business systems providers to offer our clients a superior level of data integration in an efficient Enterprise Solution where most of the data is self-maintained via the applicable business system.
  • Best in Class Partnerships – We are continually working with our partners to enhance municipal integration and to offer seamless integration between our Enterprise Solution and municipal business systems.

    We are always open to exploring new relationships with quality municipal systems and service providers.

  • Proven GIS Implementations – Through our 13+ years of experience and over 35 implementations the methods and processes contained within our implementation model have evolved and matured to the point where we are able to more rapidly advance our technology because we are confident that the methods and procedures we use are tried and tested.