MuniSight Unveiled

October 18, 2012 – The new MuniSight brand was formally unveiled in the Province of Alberta at the 2012 Annual AAG User Conference. The event was held on October 18 & 19 at the Executive Royal Inn Hotel & Conference Centre in Edmonton, AB. The conference theme was, “Setting Our Sights” which featured the brand launch at the center of the event.

Focusing on the Municipal User Experience with integrated geospatial solutions, MuniSight brings together a suite of products under the same banner:

  • MuniSight ES (previously known as WebMap & MapWiz) provides location-based information data management capabilities for finance, taxation, property assessment, asset management, transportation and infrastructure. It showcases easy-to-use, point-and-click map navigation, data layers, export capabilities, ad-hoc queries, linear referencing system (LRS) and other innovative, user-focused features. MuniSight ES has been used in municipal governments in Alberta for more than 13 years and is widely accepted for its ability to provide access to information for technical and non-technical users alike.
  • MuniSight PD (previously known as ePaD) is a software solution specifically designed for use by Planning and Development departments in a municipality. Its’ intuitive, easy-to-use web interface facilitates the quick and easy input, monitoring, and reporting of Development Permit, Amendment and Subdivision Applications.
  • MuniSight AG (previously known as AIMS) is a leading-edge application suite for collecting, managing, and displaying agriculture infestation data for a wide variety of plant diseases and pests. It is primarily designed with easily adaptable workflows for weed inspection and weed infestation management.

The MuniSight brand will be on clients’ systems by January 2013. MuniSight Solution offerings extend beyond the world-class software. As highlighted in the conference, MuniSight also offers:

  • Support – Standing by MuniSight products and services, professional GIS technicians and fully-trained solution providers are available to answer your query or service your request.
  • Training – Courses are totally customizable and can be delivered on-site with Mobile Training Lab, in-house at our MuniSight Training Facility, or online at the convenience of your personal workstation.
  • Services – MuniSight’s Mobile Mapping Solutions enable municipal personnel to work, navigate, map, track and support its assets out in the field. MuniSight also creates customized Data and Workflow Solutions for the needs of both the urban or rural municipality.

The Assessment Division of AAG was also featured in the conference.  The synergy between AAG’s Assessment and Technology divisions promotes the continuous improvements and enhancements of the MuniSight Solutions Suite.

The User Conference also allowed the delegates to participate in group discussions, meet other users and share their experiences. Please contact us at if you want to know more or wish to receive a demonstration.