MuniSight – ES

MuniSight ES is an Enterprise solution approach to GIS, created with the Municipal government user in mind. Built upon Intergraph’s WebMap Professional spatial data engine, MuniSight ES harnesses the power of spatial data technology that is used worldwide by all levels of government and other organizations requiring mission-critical, location-based information data management.

Here is what you get with MuniSight ES:

  • integration points and web services for municipal business system integration
    • finance/ taxation
    • assessment
    • asset management
    • transportation / infrastructure
    • emergency services
  • web-based map viewer
    • point-and-click map navigation
    • standard map navigation tools (zoom in/ out, zoom box, pan, etc…)
    • turn on/ off data layers
    • predefined searches with export/ mail merge capabilities
    • bookmarks (saves map view and scale)
    • printing right from the map (up to 11” x 17”)
    • user-definable (ad-hoc) queries)
    • linear referencing system for road-based and other linear feature asset management
  • and much more…

MuniSight ES makes Municipal GIS easy – You don’t have to be an expert in GIS to be an expert in MuniSight ES! All ES functionality is designed with the end-user in mind – “intuitive”, and “easy-to-use” describe the ES web-based user interface.

For more information on MuniSight ES, contact your local Intergraph representative.

MuniSight – ESB

MuniSight ES Builder (ESB) is a powerful meta data management tool designed specifically for an organization’s GIS administrator to set up, configure, and manage how data is accessed and displayed in your MuniSight ES web site(s).

While many web-based GIS applications require a complicated array of web site configuration files, providing limited customization without needing a programmer, MuniSight ES Builder provides a robust and convenient way to manage MuniSight ES web sites from a single user interface.

MuniSight ES is extremely customizable and configurable, offering organizations endless possibilities for configuring MuniSight ES to meet your specific needs. ESB comes with preconfigured site templates or you can create your own custom site configuration:

  • Create numerous ES web sites that are customized according to various audiences of users, internal and external to your organization (i.e., regional, public, subscription-based, etc…) – each with custom-tailored data access permissions and application functionality specific to the data and functionality you want them to have.
  • Manage features and legend entries (Add, Modify, Remove).
  • Define map labels and tool tips.
  • Change the colors and branding of your ES site(s).
  • Specify default style, color, and size/ weight values for all your data features.
  • Set up roles and permissions to define which application features and data are available to which users.
  • Create data thematics, filters, and dynamic filters to create meaningful and easy to view data displays. Create “Data Managers” to customize which departmental attribute data is displayed and how that data looks to the end users.
  • Set up error logging and automatic error notifications
  • And much more!

All with no programming or scripting required!

For more information on MuniSight ESB, contact your local Intergraph representative.